Monday, September 26, 2005

That Fantastical Night

At night I dream a fantasy, a dream that suffers free;
A dream that rescues long lost souls, and helps them rescue me
And in that dream I sail along and never have to wake,
And in that dream the peace I feel won't ever seem to break

So in that sea of boundless dreams I bask in words not minced
I feel as if I'm still a child; I slumber like a prince
And in that dream, I stop and gaze, on endless plains of clouds,
While Angels play, and sing, and dance, they wave to me and bow
And on those plains where spirits dance, an eternity from grief,
That instant I renew my faith and test my own belief
All the doubt, and fears that mount, leave my troubled soul
The void that's filled, with joy it spills, no longer leaves a hole
And when I seem to ride those clouds that angels must have blessed,
There's nothing more I'd rather find, on my fabled quest

So on those clouds I close my eyes and know that I've found peace
I feel that I'm in heaven, and forever I could sleep
But in this dream the fantasy is not how well I sleep,
I know I lay there slumbering, though it seems so real to me
So in that dream, I dream of peace imagined blissfully
And when I wake I reminisce; sentimentally


Blogger Cassandra said...

That's pretty deep. Downright impressive. Did you write that? By the way, you pose a good question in your profile about whether most of us can tell the difference between what is practical and necessary for a stable relationship and what is alluring, aesthetically pleasing, if you will. I think that the reason so many relationships/marriages don't last today is because most of us don't think realistically about the implications of commitment and love and trust, etc. Mutual physical attraction doesn't always equal compatible mates. Sorry that my comment is so long. Anyway, I like your blog. It's thought-provoking.

12:05 AM, September 27, 2005  
Blogger nosthegametoo said...

Thanks for stopping by, and for the compliment. And yes, it’s one of mine. It’s always great to get serious feedback, whether short or long, good or bad.

I use to NEVER share any of my poems, but now I’ve decided to do something other than just let my writing sit unread. I’m glad the first comment on it was positive. Thank you.

When it comes to relationships, I’ve outgrown the “Love conquers all” thing. Being in love is beautiful, but if that was enough, many of us would be married now, or still married. I think too many of us forget the fundamentals necessary to building a LIFE, not just a “relationship” with someone. I think that’s because we often use the same philosophy to find a date that we use to find a mate.

Anyway… I have a lot of opinions on the topic. I’ll be checking your blog more often. Stop by again.

12:30 AM, September 27, 2005  
Blogger dragonfly of the night said...

Beautiful poem..I loved reading it..
Dreams are such beautiful escape from what we call reality..we can find peace of soul in reveries,a moment of rest in a world of storm..

An air of sadness in your poem..

Too bad that dreams are just like butterflies, their life is short..
but leave behind feelings that can be remembered for a lifetime..

When I think of dreams I remember the poem of Zhouang Zi,who had a dream and when he woke up he didn't know if he was Zhouang Zi who had dreamed that was a butterfly or was a butterfly who dreamed of being Zhouang Zi..

Your poem made me remember a quote from Shakespeare that was my favourite:

"We are such stuff
as dreams are made on
And our little life
is rounded with asleep.."

9:08 AM, September 27, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ku KU,

This one is allright but i disagree with this one
"A dream that rescues long lost souls, and helps them rescue me"

Lost souls are not able to rescure you or anybody. I they had capacity they would not be lost. They could manage better.

12:04 PM, October 02, 2005  
Blogger nosthegametoo said...

@ amber7dragonfly:

I don't know the nature of dreams, or how our minds make sense of them. But there's nothing like having a wonderful dream that reminds us of some of our most pleasant desires.

@ anonymous:

Remember, this is all in the context of a dream.

12:13 AM, October 04, 2005  

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