Friday, October 20, 2006

Downtown Chicago In Pictures

Updated: November 1, 2006

Friday, October 13, 2006

Sun God in the Moonlight

Maniacal moon rays melting marvelous moments
Their sparks flicker off warmed flint stones
Dancing women glide on the surface of street puddles
The midnight train howls under flickering lights
Whisked away on streets paved in uncertainty
A man settles in his cab

Candlelight by the bedside incandescently mesmerizing
Lonely window blows its draft
A Pounding heart drumming deaf ears
Bringing a cold mystery to a faithful fool
The emotion drains and castigates a silent birth
As the heat swells to the point of combustion
The white light then burns blue

Theatre patrons exit beneath bright lights
En route to the winery, they hold hands and laugh
An evening of distraction cleanses busy city souls
Dionysus will bless the evening
Taverns unravel passivity, and swell passions
Of the friendly smiles, several mean no good
But intentions are irrelevant
When all work to the same goal