Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Funny Little Snowflake

A snowflake blew from Russia,
Across the sea and stopped
It melted in the Springtime sun
And fell an acid raindrop

The wind it rode that pushed its sails
Chilled the heart behind the veil
It drench a surface beneath the skin
But somehow still was hollow
It accompanied no Earth, no Wind, No Fire
So others may not follow

I watched it glide on top of eyes,
that peer and see in funny shades
Then cross a poor man’s thirsty lips
and dance its way down undulating hips

Funny little raindrop
As different as they make
Then in the winter breeze again
It turns into a snowflake.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Adrift on Planet Earth

Happy 2008!! Wow, it's been such a long time since I've written on my blog. It might just be that I'm entering the poetry mood again. Or maybe it's boredom. Or maybe only a flicker of a former consciousness. Who knows. But if feels good to write again.

Adrift I seem so far from Earth, while reaching for the sky
I seethe with private anguish
I burst with jealous pride

And in a certain frame of mind,
I wonder where I go
I grasp at aimless motions
Transfixed by what I loathe

Disarm my smile, and glimpse a frown
My heart is rarely shown
I use a claming manner
Protrudes of charm alone

A weary face behind the mask
Stares but cannot see
The light behind my eyes are grey
And brighter to you than me.

So I walk beneath false light by day
My house of God is empty
The faith is often shook
I’ve walked in other ways
But on my knees I find myself
And in it I still pray.