Thursday, March 16, 2006

In Light of Avarice

I drowned, subtle inflections in an amber sea.
Sultry temptation slithered naked avarice toward me.
My redemption, quantitatively incalculable;
Posthumously, I morn, the passing of a fiction.
Quiet chairs rattle the foundation of inhibition;
Ineptitude pesters, and persists,
like a dear friend’s betrayal.

bravado slays the auras of even weaker surroundings;
The shame is the failure of weaker minds;
The illusion is not quite as mystical as it appears.

When hypocrisy bathes in its contradictions,
You see the appearance of bold yet well-intentioned malevolence;

Reluctantly and eagerly, foolishness embraces its humanity,
and accepts its socialization.

The old vulgarities and offenses I indulge in silence;
They lay with me in a former antiquated life;
The imprecision is enlightening;
It is delightfully liberating.

I speak in cordial affirmations.
They are decidedly bitter upon further examination.
Is perpetual arrogance defensive?
There are times where humility is detrimental;
Though not often.
My parents taught their progeny better manners;
My posterity deserves better as well.

Seething and fermenting in frustration,
Ascension to self-aggrandizement agitates egotism.