Friday, September 30, 2005

The Sweetest Daze

The sweetest daze,
in soulful ways,
push tearful days,
away from me

Still blue and grays,
nocturnal prayers,
and faithful praise,
give solace that can soon amaze

Nightlong stares,
long lost pairs,
no longer theirs,
but still privately

Embers flare,
a defiant dare,
to challenge a conscious plea

With the faintest touch,
and a bit of luck,
maybe, finally

Whether ignoble or fair;
an imperfect glare;
dreams that permeate through light

A heart that flutters,
a smile of gold,
all too much… too bold

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

My Contemporary Groove

No more clichés that dismay a cynical soul
Funk grooves, so smooth, like water they flow
I’m told what’s cool is real,
But what’s hot so quickly goes cold

I’m hip, but watch out for my hop
I dance, but can’t step
Daddy-o, holla back at me yo
That’s modern… you know?

I’ll give you five,
But only on the black-hand side
I’m ice, with no diamonds made from blood

I walked a stage to earn MY bling,
and momma and daddy popped shots

Outside I sit, in a still White abyss
inside it’s Black as night

So listen to me, without your ears,
Your fears I don't aim to quell
Get jealous, get mad… too sad… too bad
I’ve heard all that noise, now and past

Monday, September 26, 2005

That Fantastical Night

At night I dream a fantasy, a dream that suffers free;
A dream that rescues long lost souls, and helps them rescue me
And in that dream I sail along and never have to wake,
And in that dream the peace I feel won't ever seem to break

So in that sea of boundless dreams I bask in words not minced
I feel as if I'm still a child; I slumber like a prince
And in that dream, I stop and gaze, on endless plains of clouds,
While Angels play, and sing, and dance, they wave to me and bow
And on those plains where spirits dance, an eternity from grief,
That instant I renew my faith and test my own belief
All the doubt, and fears that mount, leave my troubled soul
The void that's filled, with joy it spills, no longer leaves a hole
And when I seem to ride those clouds that angels must have blessed,
There's nothing more I'd rather find, on my fabled quest

So on those clouds I close my eyes and know that I've found peace
I feel that I'm in heaven, and forever I could sleep
But in this dream the fantasy is not how well I sleep,
I know I lay there slumbering, though it seems so real to me
So in that dream, I dream of peace imagined blissfully
And when I wake I reminisce; sentimentally