Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Beaming Past

A moonbeam kissed my window sill;
then shimmers crossed my eyes,
taunting my sleepless fairytale,
promising tempting lies.

The gust of wind that followed it;
swam through ice cold sheets;
through my feet it chilled my heart,
And carried blues to me.

Against the glass I pressed my nose,
The sky then cried for me;
I never even saw the tears,

that barreled cross the street,
cause it really never quite occurred to me.

Sharp tongued saint and callous angels;
take no pity as they grift;
they stole my moment,
or I gave it away,
whether or not it would last;

Too slow; or was I too fast.

So then I sat and shed my eyes...
but knew that it would pass.