Thursday, June 22, 2006

Peering On A Whim

I’ve engulfed moments on a whim
Vain tragic-comedies dance slow
Breathless sighs of smoke
Facetious living and implicit connotations
Anxiously, breathlessness takes depth
Crashing and burning
Blue renegades and red mercenaries

I consecrate hallowed doubt
Sheepish bravado
Yellow hearts sobbing black tears
The consummate romantic
Eternal indebtedness to cruelty
Foreboding stimulants falling like apples
Blinding optical flames

I admire deplorable malignancies
The delectable aroma of sin
Chained to the moral turpitude of ideologues
Touché, yes, it is hypocrisy
So what
Glass-minded serfs
Riotous mayhem
Elevated convolution
Schemes debased by incorrigible mitigation
BIG BROTHER is asleep with one eye open

I peer quietly from train to street
Steam bellowing from the electric line
Smudged windows
Sweet yellow-tailed bird perching solemnly
Silver skies with blue lining
An intriguing entourage of contradictory allusions
Restricted by utilitarian absurdities
The principal recipients suffer ceaselessly
Little smiles from rusted carriages make me hopeful

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Midnight Howl

Old antagonisms made zealously intransigent
A breeze through murky realities

Dawn of an ingenuity rife with possibility
Commonalities of the type that beget peculiar disjuncts
Read sincerely into heroic acrobatics shameful posturing
Gathering in splendid and livid colour
Sensationalism is kept abreast

The moon howls at wild concrete in human jungles
Beneath starry eyes, black hearts bleed merciless ignorance
Sirens, screams, warnings,
Mocking my deaf ears

Gifts of age
Sit unopened under mountains of forgotten lore
The eyes of sad seeds bleed for lost posterity
Soap, and their boxes, in no shortage
Bread, and its boxes, harder to find
Weeds barrel through spoiled apples to poison fragile roses

Political ergonomics tailored to fit
Cried, tried and true,

Throngs of the opiate-addicted chant in unison
Though poverty muffles certain vocal cords

Be it our savior?
The new days’ cusp
Socialized by nature
long before regimented coercion confuses us
Natural and novel
Ideals oxidized into corrosive perversion

Supreme arbiter
Quarrels of fantastic proportions
Unsettled beneath seething congestions of anger
Malignant fermentations past dusk
Brewing a midnight toil

Relative concessions and blatant masochism
Tread waters familiar through time
The stale and tiresome jargon regurgitated
Insanity force-feed upon gluttons for punishment
We vomit war